1951 -

Geraldine Aron was born in Galway. She spent twenty years of her adult life in Zimbabwe and South Africa and is now resident in London. She is the author of twenty two produced stage plays, eleven plays for television and radio and two screenplays – one a rewrite of Maestro, for Franco Zeffirelli. Bar and Ger was included in Edinburgh’s Best Ten plays and was the cover story of Other Stages, USA. Produced plays not listed in the Irish Playography include Mr McConkey’s Suitcase, Zombie, Mickey Kannis Caught my Eye, Joggers, The Spare Room, Why Strelitzias Cannot Fly, On The Blue Train, Olive and Hilary, The Shrinking of Alby Chapman and Mr Roper. Aron’s hugely acclaimed one-woman show My Brilliant Divorce has been performed all over, enjoying a record- breaking fourteen year run in Prague. It was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment in 2004.