Rough Magic Theatre Company


  • Description

    Since its foundation Rough Magic has built an organisation characterised by continual regeneration. Its adherence to pluralism, equality and artistic excellence has delivered over 50 Irish premieres, the debuts of many theatre-makers, and the pioneering SEEDS programme, garnering many awards, both in Ireland and internationally.

    The collective that was formed in 1984 was a creative ensemble of seven; over three decades the people have changed but the personality of the company has stayed constant – an eclectic collusion, with unity of purpose, generosity of spirit and a joyous sense of ambition.

    Our policy has three strands: commissioning new Irish work, presenting the best of contemporary international writing and innovative productions from the classical repertoire. These shows frequently feature live music commissioned for the production. Based in Dublin, Rough Magic regularly performs at Project Arts Centre and other major venues, and tours in Ireland, the UK and beyond. This year sees the establishment of a new ensemble over several projects, and across the whole country. In each town we will take up the national conversation to reach new audiences, employing our creative ensemble to the full extent of its considerable powers.

    SEEDS – Seek out – Encourage – Enable - Develop – Stage

    Launched in 2001, and an acknowledged leader of professional development in Irish theatre, the SEEDS programme has become an engine for the support and advancement of a new generation. Of the 47 who have completed the programme 40 are working as full time professionals in theatre (85%) and 24 have been directly employed by Rough Magic – over 50%.

    In 2011 we initiated ADVANCE, a parallel programme for established artists. Rough Magic is also an enabler for the work of many individual artists and emerging companies, providing practical assistance, mentoring and sharing of resources.

    Rough Magic is connected across the full spectrum of theatre activity, experience and creative practice. With each project we undertake, the aim is firstly to make great theatre, but also to advance and contribute to the cultural life of Ireland. Rough Magic believes that a strong theatre sector is necessary for our growth as a modern democracy. We will continue to put the artist at the centre of our production and development strategies; to strengthen our position as a national company which responds to the needs of all parts of the island; and to form supportive partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals in offering a new vision for the nation.

  • Address

    18 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin




    + 353 (0)1 671 9278

    Artistic Director

    Lynne Parker

    General Manager

    Gemma Reeves

    Company Producer

    Selina O'Reilly

    Associate Director

    Ronan Phelan


Play Title Playwright
A Mug's Game Molière
Adapted by Rough Magic Theatre Company
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Arthur Riordan James Joyce
Bat The Father Rabbit The Son Donal O'Kelly
Boomtown Pom Boyd Declan Hughes Arthur Riordan
Cleft Fergal McElherron
Danti-Dan Gina Moxley
Digging For Fire Declan Hughes
Down Onto Blue Pom Boyd
Famished Castle Hilary Fannin
Halloween Night Declan Hughes
Hidden Charges Arthur Riordan
How to Keep an Alien Sonya Kelly
I Can't Get Started Declan Hughes
Improbable Frequency Bell Helicopter Arthur Riordan
A musical with Book and Lyrics by Arthur Riordan, and Musical Composition and Sound Design by Bell Helicopter.
Is This About Sex? Christian O'Reilly (1)
Jezebel Mark Cantan
Love and a Bottle Declan Hughes George Farquhar
Adapted from the original play by George Farquhar.
Melt Shane Mac an Bhaird
Midden Morna Regan
Mrs. Sweeney Paula Meehan
New Morning Declan Hughes
Peer Gynt Arthur Riordan Henrik Ibsen

A new version with live music by Tarab

Phaedra Ellen Cranitch Hilary Fannin Euripides Jean Racine Jean-Philippe Rameau

Inspired in part by Jean Racine's 'Phèdre' (1677) and Jean-Philippe Rameau's opera 'Hippolyte et Aricie' (1733), both themselves drawn from Euripides.

Shiver Declan Hughes
Sodome, My Love Olwen Fouéré Laurent Gaudé
Solar Bones Michael West Mike McCormack
Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer Bryan Delaney Michel Tremblay
Translated from the original play by Michel Tremblay.
Take Me Away Gerald Murphy
The Bonefire Rosemary Jenkinson
The Dogs Donal O'Kelly
The Emergency Session Arthur Riordan
The House Keeper Morna Regan
The Sugar Wife Elizabeth Kuti
The Train Arthur Riordan Bill Whelan
The Whisperers Elizabeth Kuti Frances Sheridan
Frances Sheridan's 'A Trip to Bath' as completed by Elizabeth Kuti.
The Woman in White Declan Hughes Wilkie Collins
Adapted from the novel by Wilkie Collins
Words of Advice for Young People Ioanna Anderson