Monkeyshine Theatre


  • Description

    For over 15 years Monkeyshine have been creating a beautifully crafted brand of theatre that is vibrant, ingenious, bold and playful in spirit. We believe that there is a thread that binds us all together and we aim to make theatre that creates a space for people of all ages, to come together as equals. To explore, question and celebrate all that it is to be human. We make theatre that delves into the sacred realms of childhood and imagination. Inspired by the power of the natural world, the depth of myth and legend and the structure of ritual and celebration. We make theatre for the whole tribe. So whether you are a child, a parent, a grandparent, or simply a person, Monkeyshine makes theatre for you. Monkeyshine is a rural theatre company based in Ireland. Celebrated nationally and internationally for its dynamic, adventurous and quirky style.

  • Address

    Cloghogue Lower, Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo




    +353 (0)87 932 4954

    Artistic Director

    James Jobson

    Artistic Director

    Kareen Pennefather


Play Title Playwright
Little Light Kareen Pennefather Phyllis Root

Based on the book, Lucia and the Light, by Phyllis Root.

Losha Kareen Pennefather
Lost Property

Devised by Kareen Pennefather and Meabh Ivers.

The Frogs

Created by Kareen Pennefather, James Jobson and Serena Brabazon.

The Gift Kareen Pennefather
The Grandmother Kareen Pennefather
The Magic Bookshop Kareen Pennefather
The Paper Princess Kareen Pennefather Elisa Kleven

Based on the book, The Paper Princess, by Elisa Kleven.

Voyage Kareen Pennefather