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Johnny Hanrahan was a founder member and Artistic Director of Meridian Theatre Company, Cork. For Meridian, he has written numerous plays including 'Volpone', 'Lear' and 'Headroom' and has adapted Maria Edgeworth's 'Castle Rackrent' as well as Gogol's 'Government Inspector' ('Adios Amigos') and his classic short story, 'The Overcoat'. For the London Irish Festival 1991, Hanrahan wrote 'The Battle of Aughrim', and in 1992 he wrote a comic adaptation of 'Dracula' ('How's Your Blood Count') for Mickey O'Donoghue's New Vic Theatre, London. He has directed many of these productions, in some cases with his musical collaborator, John Browne. Johnny has also worked with Operating Theatre, The Ark, Passion Machine, Cork 2005 and the Everyman Palace. He is a former chair of Theatre Forum, a founder of Cork Arts Development Committee and The National Sculpture Factory and was a board member of Cork 2005. He lives in Cork.


Job Title Company
Artistic Director Meridian Theatre Company


Play Title Playwright
Beats 'n' Pieces Raymond Scannell
Chair Olwen Fouéré
Written by Olwen Fouere in collaboration with Roger Doyle and Johnny Hanrahan
Craving John Browne Johnny Hanrahan
Head Room Johnny Hanrahan
Lear Johnny Hanrahan William Shakespeare
Love Machines Johnny Hanrahan
Madam T Johnny Hanrahan
Based on Maupassant's comic short story, The House of Madam Tellier.
Mind That 'tis My Brother Gaye Shortland
Adapted by the author from her novel of the same name.
One Is Not A Number Billy Roche
Raccoon Tom Hall
The Art of Waiting Johnny Hanrahan
The Exit Wound Johnny Hanrahan
The Fourth Wise Man John Browne Johnny Hanrahan
The Mistress of Silence Johnny Hanrahan
Adapted from the original novel by Jacqueline Harpman.
The Pied Piper John Browne Johnny Hanrahan
The White Lady Johnny Hanrahan
Volpone Johnny Hanrahan Ben Johnson
Adapted from Ben Jonson's satirical comedy Volpone.


Play Title Playwright
The Art of Waiting Johnny Hanrahan


Play Title Playwright
Head Room Johnny Hanrahan
Volpone Johnny Hanrahan Ben Johnson
Adapted from Ben Jonson's satirical comedy Volpone.


Play Title Playwright
Knock 3 Times Gaye Shortland
Love, Peace and Robbery Liam Heylin