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Play Title Playwright
A View From the Obelisk Hugh Leonard
Now You're Talkin' Marie Jones (1)
Written in association with the company.
Pizzazz Hugh Leonard
Roman Fever Hugh Leonard
Adapted from the original short story by Edith Wharton.
Ruby Marie Jones (1)
The Girls In The Big Picture Marie Jones (1)
Devised with the company.


Play Title Playwright
Cauterised Neill Speers
Convictions Daragh Carville Damian Gorman Marie Jones (1) Martin Lynch Owen McCafferty Nicola McCartney Gary Mitchell
Convictions comprises seven short plays by seven different writers. The seven plays were (in alphabetical order): Male Toilets by Daragh Carville, Judge's Room by Damian Gorman, Court No. 2 by Marie Jones, Main Hall by Martin Lynch, Court No. 1 by Owen McCafferty, Jury Room by Nicola McCartney and Holding Cell by Gary Mitchell.
It's a Waste of Time, Tracey Marie Jones (1)
On McQuillan's Hill Joseph Crilly
Wuthering Heights John Boyd Emily Brontë
A dramatisation of the original novel by Emily Brontë.


Play Title Playwright
Charlie Gorilla John McClelland