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Founder member and Artistic Director of Big Telly Theatre Company, Zoë trained at Kent University, Canterbury before returning to her native town of Portstewart in 1987. She has written and directed several plays for the company, and is creative consultant with Cahoots NI. Freelance directing includes work with Hull Truck Theatre Company, the Lyric Theatre, Belfast, Creation Theatre Company, Oxford and Tinderbox Theatre Company.


Job Title Company
Artistic Director Big Telly Theatre Company


Play Title Playwright
The Picture of Dorian Gray Zoë Seaton Oscar Wilde


Play Title Playwright
Bog People Lucy Caldwell Nicola McCartney Francis Turnly Seamus Heaney

A series of short plays inspired by the following poems of Seamus Heaney 'The Tullund Man', 'Bogland', 'Bog Queen', 'Digging', 'Strange Fruit', 'Punishment', 'Kinship' and 'Field of Vision'.

Convictions Daragh Carville Damian Gorman Marie Jones (1) Martin Lynch Owen McCafferty Nicola McCartney Gary Mitchell
Convictions comprises seven short plays by seven different writers. The seven plays were (in alphabetical order): Male Toilets by Daragh Carville, Judge's Room by Damian Gorman, Court No. 2 by Marie Jones, Main Hall by Martin Lynch, Court No. 1 by Owen McCafferty, Jury Room by Nicola McCartney and Holding Cell by Gary Mitchell.
Devised and written by the Company.
Cuchulain: The Hound of Ulster Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney Zoë Seaton
Cuchulainn Zoë Seaton
Created with John Leslie.
Fish Zoë Seaton
I Can See The Sea Jill Holmes Zoë Seaton
McCool XXL Paul Boyd (2)
Melmoth the Wanderer Nicola McCartney Charles Maturin
A new adaptation of Charles Maturin's novel 'Melmoth the Wanderer' (1820).
Only Beelieve Dan Gordon
Plasticine Tina Patrick J. O'Reilly
Puckoon Vincent Higgins Spike Milligan
Based on the popular 1963 novel by Spike Milligan. Adapted by Vincent Higgins and devised by the company.
Red Riding Hood Paul Boyd (2)
Sinbad Paul Boyd (2) Zoë Seaton
The Blizzard Wizard Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney Zoë Seaton
The Haunting of Helena Blunden Paul Boyd (2) Bernie McGill
Inspired by an original concept 'the Ghostwatch at'
The Little Mermaid Paul Boyd (2) Zoë Seaton
The Magic Hat Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney Zoë Seaton
The Picture of Dorian Gray Zoë Seaton Oscar Wilde
The Pursuit Of Diarmuid And Grainne Briana Corrigan Zoë Seaton
Devised from an original script by Zoë Seaton and Briona Corrigan.
The Scarlet WWWeb Briana Corrigan Mary Kelly
The Thief Paul Boyd (2) Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney Zoë Seaton
The Weather Watchers Bernie McGill
To Hell With Faust Zoë Seaton


Play Title Playwright
The Little Mermaid Paul Boyd (2) Zoë Seaton


Play Title Playwright
To Hell With Faust Zoë Seaton