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Job Title Company
Director Field Day Theatre Company


Play Title Playwright
Paradise Padraig Coyle Conor Grimes Alan McKee
Based on the book 'Paradise Lost and Found' by Padraig Coyle.
Saint Oscar Terry Eagleton
The White, The Gold And The Gangrene Terry Eagleton


Play Title Playwright
1974 Damian Gorman


Play Title Playwright
A Particle of Dread (Oedipus Variations) Sam Shepard Sophocles
A Wife, A Dog And A Maple Tree Sue Ashby
Bog People Lucy Caldwell Nicola McCartney Francis Turnly Seamus Heaney

A series of short plays inspired by the following poems of Seamus Heaney 'The Tullund Man', 'Bogland', 'Bog Queen', 'Digging', 'Strange Fruit', 'Punishment', 'Kinship' and 'Field of Vision'.

Convictions Daragh Carville Damian Gorman Marie Jones (1) Martin Lynch Owen McCafferty Nicola McCartney Gary Mitchell
Convictions comprises seven short plays by seven different writers. The seven plays were (in alphabetical order): Male Toilets by Daragh Carville, Judge's Room by Damian Gorman, Court No. 2 by Marie Jones, Main Hall by Martin Lynch, Court No. 1 by Owen McCafferty, Jury Room by Nicola McCartney and Holding Cell by Gary Mitchell.
Family Plot Daragh Carville
Farewell Clare Dwyer Hogg
Half a Glass of Water David Ireland
Revenge Michael Duke
The Blizzard Wizard Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney Zoë Seaton
The Government Inspector Marie Jones (1) Nikolai Gogol
An adaptation of the original play by Gogol.
The Miser David Johnston (1) Molière
Who Shall Be Happy..? Trevor Griffiths
Women On The Verge Of HRT Marie Jones (1)


Play Title Playwright
The Hypochondriact David Johnston (1) Molière
Adapted from 'La Malade Imaginaire' by Molière.
This is What We Sang Gavin Kostick


Play Title Playwright
Revenge Michael Duke