1969 -

Elizabeth Kuti was born in England in 1969, the daughter of an English mother and a Hungarian father. She came to Ireland in 1993 to study at Trinity College. She is an actress and playwright and has performed with most of Ireland's leading theatre companies including the Abbey Theatre, Rough Magic, Loose Canon, Bedrock and the Corn Exchange. She won a Stewart Parker Award for 'Treehouses' in 2000 and a Susan Smith Blackburn Award for 'The Sugar Wife' in 2006. Works not listed here include 'Funerals in My Brain' (workshop production at the Man in the Moon Theatre, London), 'Teen Lurve' (comedy-drama series for BBC Radio 5) and 'The Lais of Marie de France' (Andrews Lane Studio, Dublin Fringe Festival, 1995). Since 2004 she has been lecturing in Theatre Studies at the University of Essex.


Play Title Playwright
The Sugar Wife Elizabeth Kuti
Treehouses Elizabeth Kuti


Play Title Playwright
Stone Ghosts Sue Mythen