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1930 - 2015

Born in Bangor in County Down in 1930 and educated in Queen's University in Belfast, Wesley Burrowes was a playwright and writer for film and television. For RTÉ television he wrote 'The Riordans', 'Bracken' and 'Glenroe'. His film credits include 'Rat' (2000) and 'Mystics' (2002). Wesley Burrowes won the Irish Life Drama Prize for 'The Becauseway' in 1969 (1970 production listed below) and again the following year for 'And All the People Rejoiced' (revived in 1971 as 'A Loud Bang on June the First', listed below). He also won numerous Jacob's Awards for his contributions to Irish television drama.


Play Title Playwright
Carrie Wesley Burrowes Michael Coffey James Douglas