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Over the Bridge


  • Playwright

    Sam Thompson 

  • Setting

    The action of the play takes place in the Belfast shipyard, and in a small kitchen house in Ballymacarrett.

  • Notes

    Cast also featured Members of the Lord Carson Memorial Flute Band.

  • Synopsis

    A group of trade union officials face a dilemma when there is an outbreak of sectarianism amongst their fellow workers at a shipyard. In the aftermath of a sub-station explosion, blamed on the IRA, tensions are heightened, and Catholic workers in general stay away from the yard. Only one, Peter O'Boyle, turns up, and as a mob gathers, he refuses an offer to leave peacefully stating that he will not be forced from his work. A fellow trade-unionist, Protestant Davy Mitchell, makes the decision to stand together with his workmate, and they begin work knowing that tragedy may result.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female


  • Cast Notes


Original Cast  
Warren Baxter Harry Towb
Nellie MItchell Catherine Gibson
Mob Leader James Ellis
Davy Mitchell Joseph Tomelty
Rabbie White J.G. Devlin
Martha White Irene Bingham
Mr. Fox James Boyce
Marian Mitchell Kathleen Feenan
Billy Morgan John McBride
George Mitchell Charles Witherspoon
Archie Kerr Sam Thompson
Ephraim Smart Derek Nicholl
Peter O'Boyle Ray Alcorn
First Workman Bill Bentley
Second Workman Vincent Kelly
Production Team  
Decor by Henry Lynch-Robinson
Lighting Henry Lynch-Robinson
Front gauze designed by J. Kenneth Jamison
Special Effects Philip Thompson
Production by James Ellis
Assistant Stage Manager Pat McAuley
Scaffolding by P.F. Kerr Ltd.
Plumbing to Office by H. McAteer & Co. Ltd.
Electrical work to office by S.G. O'Kane
Ferrograph Tape Recorder Radio Development Ltd.
Set Construction A. Fitzpatrick & Son
Set Painter George McCann
Set Painter Charles Mallon
Set Painter Robin Wylie
Publicity Photography Leslie Stuart
Production secretary Doreen Hepburn


  • Title

    Over the Bridge and Other Plays: Over the Bridge, The Evangelist and Cemented with Love

  • Edited by

    John Keyes

  • Year


  • Published By

    Lagan Press

  • Address

    7 Lower Crescent
    Belfast BT7 1NR
    Co. Antrim
    Northern Ireland

  • ISBN



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Information for this entry was taken from Sam Hanna Bell's 'The Theatre in Ulster', from the published script, and from the original production programme, press cuttings and material held at the Theatre and Performing Arts Archive of the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.