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Within the Gates

a play of four scenes in a London park


  • Playwright

    Sean O'Casey 

  • Notes

    In 1935 the subsequent US production of Within the Gates was banned by the Catholic Mayor of Boston, putting a stop to a scheduled tour of thirteen cities.

    "Oh, God, here it is again! Wesleyen and Jesuit had joined hands to down the play. It seemed that even under a free democracy one had to be damned careful of what one said."

  • Synopsis

    Set in Hyde Park, the characters represent the great variety of humanity who spend their days there philosophising.

  • Play Type

    Plays General

    Number Of Acts


  • Cast Size Male


  • Cast Size Female



  • Date of First Production

    07 February 1934

  • Production Notes

    Produced by the Royalty Theatre, London

  • Producer

  • Original Venue

  • Venue Notes

    Produced at the Royalty Theatre, London

Original Cast  
A Group of Down-and-Outs Patrick O'Moore
The Dreamer Basil Bartlett
The Bishop Douglas Jefferies
The Bishop's Sister Gertrude Sterroll
The 1st Chair Attendant Walter Herbage
The 2nd Chair Attendant Jack Twyman
A Girl Diana Sinclair Hill
The Atheist Richard Caldicot
The Policewoman Molly Tyson
The Man in Plus-Fours Gerald Gibbons
The Scarlet Woman June Lawson
The Young Whore Marjorie Mars
A Group of Down-and-Outs Audrey Dunham
A Group of Down-and-Outs Zara Gray
A Group of Down-and-Outs Phyllis Hayward
A Group of Down-and-Outs Jane Kidner
A Group of Down-and-Outs Violet Lynch
A Group of Down-and-Outs Joyce Peters
A Group of Down-and-Outs Sylvia Rye
A Group of Down-and-Outs Denzil Bond
A Group of Down-and-Outs Reginald Gittings
A Group of Down-and-Outs Charles Scholfield
Production Team  
Choreographer Marion Wilson
Music Composed by Herbert Hughes
Produced by Norman MacDermott



  • Territory

    All Territories

  • Rights Type

    All Rights

  • Contact

    The Estate of Sean O'Casey: Macnaughton Lord Representation

  • Address

    44 South Molton Street
    London W1K 5RT

  • Phone

    +44 (0)20 7499 1411

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The information for this entry was taken from the published script, with additional information from Sean O'Casey: A Research and Production sourcebook, Schrank (Greenwood, 1996)