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Group Theatre



    Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FF



    + 44 (0)28 9032 3900

  • General Manager

    Pat Falls

  • Technician

    Proinsias Byrne

  • Box Office Phone

    + 44 (0)28 9032 9685

  • Programming Policy

    Originally the home of the Ulster Group Theatre Company, and later of Ulster comedy with James Young, the Group Theatre is now primarily used by local amateur groups but is also available to professional companies.


Play Title Playwright
A Lock of the General's Hair Jack Loudan
A Saint of Little Consequence John Crilley
A Title for Buxey Cecil Cree
An Apple a Day John McDonnell
Arty J.R. Mageean Ruddick Millar
Ballyfarland's Festival St. John Greer Ervine
Bannister's Cafe Harry Sinton Gibson
Borderwine George Shiels
Danger, Men Working John D. Stewart
Diana C.K. Munro
Dust Under Our Feet Michael J. Murphy (2)
Family Fever Sam Cree
Fiddler's Folly Lynn Doyle
Henry Joy McCracken Jack Loudan
Highly Efficient Patricia O'Connor
Holiday Spirit John McDonnell
Idolatry at Innishargie Joseph Tomelty
Ill Fares the Land Patrick J. McLoughlin
Is the Priest at Home? Joseph Tomelty
James Young Lives! Paul Boyd (2) Paddy Scully
Legacy of Delight Hugh Quinn
Lucky Break John McDonnell
Martha St. John Greer Ervine
Master Adams Patricia O'Connor
Men on the Wall Michael J. Murphy (2)
Mountain Post George Shiels
My Brother Tom St. John Greer Ervine
Poor Errand Joseph Tomelty
Right Again Barnum Joseph Tomelty
Rinty Martin Lynch
Ruby Marie Jones (1)
Select Vestry Patricia O'Connor
Signs and Wonders Janet McNeill
Silver Wedding John McDonnell
Stars of Brickfield Street John Coulter
Sticks and Stones John McDonnell
Story For Today Jack Loudan
The Country Boy John Murphy (2)
The Curse of the Lone Tree M. Eamon Dubhagan
The Doubtful Paradise Brian Friel
The Farmer Wants a Wife Patricia O'Connor
The House of Mallon Patrick Riddell
The House That Jack Built Cecil Cree
The Mustard Seed Joan Sadler
The Old Broom George Shiels
The Randy Dandy Stewart Love
The Season's Greetings Hebe Elsna
The Sparrow's Fall Patricia O'Connor
The Square Peg Harry Sinton Gibson
The Wrong Fut! John McDonnell
Traitors in Our Way Louis MacNeice
Up the Long Ladder John McDonnell
Voice Out of Rama Patricia O'Connor
Wedding Fever Sam Cree
What's Bred in the Bone Ruddick Millar
Who Saw Her Die? Patricia O'Connor
Wish You Were Here John McDonnell


Play Title Playwright
Friends and Neighbours John McDonnell James Young Austin Steele
Press cuttings note the play by Austin Steele "has been adapted by John McDonnell and James Young".
In Donegall Square Jack Loudan Phillip Stuart
Love Locked Out John McDonnell James Young David Kirk
Contemporary press reviews note that this is a "local version" of David Kirk's play.
Mrs. Martin's Man John Boyd St. John Greer Ervine
That Woman At Rathard Sam Hanna Bell
The Love Match Sam Cree Glen Melvyn