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axis: Ballymun



    Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9, Co. Dublin




    + 353 (0)1 883 2100

  • Acting Director/CEO

    Niamh Ní Chonchubhair

  • Technical Manager

    Seán McCormack

  • Marketing and Sales

    Kate O'Neill

  • Acting Programme Manager

    Aifric Ní Ruairc

  • Box Office Phone

    + 353 (0)1 883 2100

  • Programming Policy

    Axis actively programmes and commissions original work that is relevant to its locality, history and constituency. Axis programmes with the intention of exploring and enhancing artists' experiences, while introducing new work and new ways of working. Axis' multidisciplinary programme seeks to promote participation in the arts, to fuse professional and community practice and involvement, and to create a space where art contributes and makes a difference to people's lives.


Play Title Playwright
Buaiteoirí Prin Duignan Brian Friel
Aistriúchán ar 'Lovers: Winners' (1967)