Strule Arts Centre



    Townhall Square, Omagh BT78 1BL, Co. Tyrone




    + 44 90)28 8224 5321

  • Programming Manager

    Jean Brennan

  • Technical Manager

    Tom Sharkey

  • Arts Administrator

    Leanne Lyttle

  • Marketing

    Tracey McCallan

  • Visitor Services Manager

    George Bradshaw

  • Box Office Phone

    +44 (0)28 8224 7831

  • Programming Policy

    Strule Arts Centre creates opportunity for expression and enjoyment through programming arts activity with local, national and international significance. Strule Arts Centre provides a venue for a range of culturally diverse arts activities, and focuses on engaging local people in imaginative and inclusive projects. It introduces new ideas from both the locality and further afield and acts as a community facility for promoting and facilitating creative activity.


Play Title Playwright
Puckoon Vincent Higgins Spike Milligan
Based on the popular 1963 novel by Spike Milligan. Adapted by Vincent Higgins and devised by the company.